One of the most common questions homeowners ask HVAC professionals is, “how long do furnaces last?” Usually, homeowners ask this question during the winter season.? 

If you own a house, you’re probably wondering the same thing. This is particularly true if you’ve had your furnace for a long time.? 

So, when should you replace your furnace? Well, the answer greatly depends on a couple of factors. These factors include your comfort situation, your budget, your energy expenses, and your risk tolerance.? 

However, there are signs that you can look out for that indicate you need to replace your furnace as soon as possible. Of course, you can always choose a furnace or?AC repair in Gainesville, FL. Though, if you want to save money in the long run, you should replace your unit. 

Your Furnace Has Changing Cycling Pattern 

If you notice that your furnace is shutting down and turning on more often, you should replace it immediately. It’s also time to replace your unit if it stays on longer than it usually would heat your house.? 

This is because a couple of components inside your furnace might fail, and others are working harder to compensate for it.? 

You See Excessive Soot, Cracks, or Rust 

If you notice these damages in your furnace, it’s a sign that you need to hire a professional to inspect your unit. The worst-case scenario is that your furnace can be extremely dangerous to operate.? 

Note that your furnace is burning fuel to heat your home. Because of that, it produces natural byproducts that can be hazardous to you and your family. One of these byproducts is called Carbon Monoxide.? 

A high-quality furnace should have a vent directing this hazardous byproduct outside. However, if your furnace is old, cracks or other damages might leak this byproduct inside your home. 

Your Furnace is Noisy 

When your furnace gets older, it will begin to make sounds like loud bangs and pops. Aside from being annoying, it can also indicate that the components are almost failing.? 

If you don’t like a noisy furnace, you might want to buy a new unit. Modern furnaces have features that can make the noise levels extremely low.? 

You Have High Repair Bills 

Like any other item in the world, your furnace will deteriorate. If you notice that you’re paying more than $600 each time you repair your furnace, it is time to compare the repair costs to the age of your unit. 

A $350 repair bill is worth it if you’ve got a new furnace. On the other hand, a $600 repair bill for a 15-year-old furnace is not a good investment.? 

You Need to Lower Your Energy Bills 

In the last decade, technology has come a long way. Significant improvements have been made in how much energy furnaces utilize.? 

For instance, many years ago, furnaces had an average of 80% when it comes to efficiency. However, today, the legal minimum efficiency of furnaces is 90%. It’s even common to find furnace units with a much higher rating than 90%