There are few things more frustrating than pests invading your home or property. Unfortunately, this problem is too common and can be especially tough to deal with if the pests are drawn to a specific location, like your dumpster rental.? 

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help prevent pests from entering your dumpster rental and causing havoc.? 

Today, we will share with you some tips that can help prevent pests from entering your dumpster. So, if you’re planning to hire a?dumpster rental service Tulsa, be sure to read the tips below. 

Don’t Throw Food Waste Inside 

Your dumpster is where you dispose of your waste. However, did you know that the way you use your dumpster can actually attract pests? That’s right. If you are not careful, your dumpster can become a breeding ground for rodents, insects, and other pests.? 

So, what can you do to prevent pests from entering your dumpster? Make sure that you’re not throwing food waste inside. Food waste is one of the main attractants for pests. If you must throw away food waste, seal it in a plastic bag first.? 

Place Your Dumpster on Concrete 

If you are planning on renting a dumpster for your next home improvement project, you may wonder where to put it. You may be tempted to plop it down on your grass, but that’s not the best idea.? 

For one thing, putting a dumpster on grass can kill the grass underneath. But more importantly, it can also attract pests. Dumpsters are full of food scraps and other potential snacks for critters like rats and raccoons.? 

That is why if you want to avoid attracting unwanted visitors, putting your dumpster on concrete is better. That way, you can keep your lawn green and your home pest-free. 

Always Cover Your Dumpster 

If you have ever been the victim of a midnight dumpster raid, you know how important it is to cover your dumpster. Not only does it keep out the elements, but it also helps to deter pests. Mice, rats, and other vermin are attracted to the assortment of potential food they can find in an uncovered dumpster.? 

In addition to being a nuisance, these pests can also carry disease. By covering your dumpster, you can help to keep your property free of pests. And who knows, you might even get a good night’s sleep. 

Use Repellents 

Maintaining a clean and pest-free dumpster area is essential for health and safety reasons. One way to help keep pests away is to use repellents.? 

Repellents work by creating an unpleasant environment for pests, making them less likely to enter the area. There are a variety of repellents available, including natural and chemical options.? 

Some common natural repellents include mint, garlic, and chili peppers. Chemical repellents are also effective but should be used cautiously as they can harm humans and animals.? 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid causing harm when using any repellent. By using repellents, you can help keep your dumpster area pest-free.